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Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Thu Sep 29 11:29:35 BST 2011

On 29 September 2011 09:03, Tom Hughes <tom at compton.nu> wrote:

> On 28/09/11 20:36, Peter Miller wrote:
>  A major inconvenience for me recently has been the return of the 'can't
>> load map' error message when using Potlatch 2 which I understand is some
>> sort of time-out between Potlatch and the server.
>> What needs to happen to get this resolved (in Potlatch or in the server
>> as appropriate)? Is that work in progress or is it really difficult to
>> sort out? Can I help in some way?
> Well mostly I would say that somebody needs to report it. If the developers
> and admins aren't aware of a problem they are unlikely to be doing anything
> to resolve it.
This problem has popped up from time to time for over 9 months and has been
discussed on a number of occasions on the lists so I would be surprised if
there wasn't a ticket for it. If one Googles for 'could load map' and
'potlatch' one comes up with a whole long lists of results from December 10,
April 11, May 11 and now in September 11. Also -- I notice that it has been
dismissed as an 'obsolete bug' on the wiki.

> Is that really all it's saying? As I recall I added the necessary server
> side code some time ago to allow Potlatch to report the actual error that
> the server encountered.
Correct. I think the actual message is 'couldn't load the map'. Sometimes it
will load the data eventually if one persists, but generally it is better to
give it a rest for a few hours and try later. It only occurs using Potlatch
2 btw, Potlatch 1 still works fine and never fails to get the data in my
experience. It might also be relevant to mention that we recently
experimented with building our own OSM stack on a very slow computer we were
unable to get it to load data at all - we always got the 'could load the
map' type error when loading anything but the simplest data into Potlatch 2.

> At the very least you need to give us some information like a timestamp
> and/or IP address that would allow us to look at the logs.

Will do. Can I provide this to you Tom directly rather than on the list?



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