[Talk-GB] (Olympics) Gold postbox map - credits missing? add to metadata on tagged postboxes?

Neil Pilgrim osm-talk-gb at kepier.clara.net
Tue Aug 7 17:11:49 BST 2012


I noticed a few days ago that the royal mail has made a map of the
postboxes they've painted gold (just temporarily?) for this Olympics.
Quite nicely, they use OSM, but they don't (obviously? at all?) credit
Is it credited? If not, who follows up these kinds of things?

The post box positions as marked on that map are an overlay of the OSM
map, so could give hints as to positions of untagged postboxes for
later surveying.

I saw an earlier discussion which indicated a lack of enthusiasm (my
impression at least), regarding adding olympics data as it was
considered 'transient' or 'historical' - or at least in a few
weeks/months time it will. What's the feeling regarding tagging the
'gold' nature of these for 2012? Immediate ideas that spring to mind
are something like tagging them as gold temporarily and then adding a
prefix like 'was:' (akin to disused:). Alternatively, since post boxes
are all ref'd (in theory!) then an external database suffices...
except that lots of extra data is already *in* the database...



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