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Over the last few months I've been mapping field boundaries in Derbyshire/Peak District.  The condition of "dry_stone" walls varies greatly.  One thing I would also like to do is tag the condition as this information could well be useful in preserving the landscape character.  There are grants available for repairs etc.  I am also tagging stiles but again the condition varies significantly.  Our local Parish Council actually has money to repair stiles but doesn't spend it.  I have been asked to carry out a survey of the footpaths and it would be good to tag the type of stile at its condition.

Searching on the web I can find reports on surveys that define systems for classifying the conditions of stone walls.  I've emailed the British Stone Wall Society to see which they would recommend.  A DEFRA approved system would seem to make sense should anyone want to use the information to get funding for repairs.

I have yet to find any system for classifying the condition of stiles.  I've only found comments with regard to the land owners requirement to ensure they are safe.  Has anyone come across a system?  I have also asked the BSWS about this.

The other issue I will have is how to tag the condition.  I've found "building:condition="  as a tag so I guess you could use "dry_stone:condition=".  I might actually be easier just to use an additional tag "condition=".

I've no experience of using maperative to make maps but was wondering if anyone knows how easy it would be to change its set up with regard to the about tags.  i.e. would "dry_stone:condition="  be more difficult to work with if you wanted to produce a map of walls with the condition identified against them than a separate "condition=" tag.

"condition" is also something that will change with time.  Given the possibility of developing mobile phone apps to do updates of this, would again having a separate "condition=" tag be easier?

I should add that I currently mark a barrier as a "wall=dry_stone" even though it may be a long pile of stones and a fence now runs parallel to it.  I take the view (it is one I checked with a landscape architect) that the landowner would probably not have the fence there if the old wall wasn't there.  There is also the hope that it might one day be rebuilt. 

Any comments about the use of "dry_stone:condition=" or "condition="  would be helpful.  (Having written this I'm leaning towards "condition=" as a separate tag)  Any views on a system for classifying the condition of stiles and stone walls would also be useful.

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