[Talk-GB] UK Postcodes - Potential data source

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Tue Aug 28 00:44:56 BST 2012

> "instead the postcodes need to be attached to specific addresses"

That's what I posted in the Land Reg link. :-)

p.s. What I have in my mind is to grab each months data release from land
registry (thus building up a good database of address + postcode), and then
have some tool to visualise where we can match OSM addresses (without
postcode) to these land reg addresses (with postcode). I could code a
database but my tech skills don't go much beyond that :-(

On 27 August 2012 23:59, Shaun McDonald <shaun at shaunmcdonald.me.uk> wrote:

> Hi Rob,
> Postcodes are a bit more complicated. Postcodes are a series of points,
> not a single point, as based on CodePoint data. I would not like to see a
> raw import of the CodePoint Open data as it is just the centroids of the
> postcodes, instead the postcodes need to be attached to specific addresses,
> which is more work, though more accurate and what is needed by the
> geocoders.
> There are websites out there such as CycleStreets that are successfully
> using the CodePoint Open data for geocoding in addition to other OSM data.
> Shaun
> On 27 Aug 2012, at 23:18, Rob Nickerson <rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi All,
> Please correct me if I am wrong, but to the best of my understanding we
> are still struggling to find a good source of postcode data under an open
> licence. From what I understand the CodePoint data set is currently seen as
> not available for use in OSM.
> That is where this data set available under the OGL licence may help:
> http://www.landregistry.gov.uk/public/information/public-data/price-paid-data
> It's not perfect as it does not provide lat/lon co-ordinates, but it does
> include full addresses for residential properties sold within each month.
> This means that it gives us a link between address (something we can
> survey) and postcode (which we can't easily survey). It also states which
> properties are new (i.e. new builds, new addresses). Any thoughts?
> If this is a useful source I was thinking a simple database where we can
> look up an address and find a postcode for adding to OSM. Going one step
> further we could try to find automatic matches between OSM addresses and
> this dataset and therefore generate a list of postcodes that could be
> suitable for import. I guess for someone with experience this would be
> quite an do-able hack?
> Regards,
> Rob
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