[Talk-GB] ITO - OSM Analysis updated with latest OS Locator data

Robert Norris rw_norris at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 30 00:09:13 BST 2012

> Hi,
> A little update on OSM Analysis, ITO's OSM to OS Locator comparison service. We have just updated to the latest OS Locator data in OSM Analysis. Hopefully the next update to the OS Locator data will be updated a bit quicker. The biggest drop in completeness has been Leeds with 44 new streets missing.
> OSM Analysis is available at:
> http://www.itoworld.com/product/data/osm_analysis/main
> We have recently been releasing some new ITO Map layers, and improving some of the current map layers. We now have nodes for Great Britain for some of the maps. For example
> Bicycle parking: http://www.itoworld.com/map/223
> ATMs: http://www.itoworld.com/map/230
> Building entrances: http://www.itoworld.com/map/221

Good stuff as always!

Some quick thoughts:

I note the bicycle parking does not include ways/areas, since I mapped one near a Portsmouth University site as an area - due to having a capacity of about a 100!

On the car parking front, I'm not convinced about colour highlighting whether it has a capacity set or not. I don't realistically see how I can deduce the capacity of many car parks without counting the individual number of bays! And then car parks in the countryside are somewhat ad-hoc...
The fact that some are mapped as an area should give a clue to the estimated capacity.
Does this include single car park nodes yet?
IMHO a more useful (end user) map would be things like whether it's free or not, or any physical restrictions (normally height).


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