[Talk-GB] UK Postcodes - Potential data source

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 30 18:35:45 BST 2012

== Matt wrote ==

This does indeed seem like a very useful data source. Great find!

However, I'm struggling to think of a nice way of visualising it to
make it useful. What I've got so far in my mind is:
 - Take an entry from the list
 - Take its postcode
 - Search for the postcode (I've got a curated list of postcodes as
part of my PostCodeFinder [1])
 - Get the location of the nearest match (hopefully, we'll find at
least a CV4-type segment match)
 - Search for roads within an x mile radius with a matching name
 - Associate that entry with that road

== End Message ==

Hi Matt,
I was actually thinking the other way round. That is:

Pull in a list of building with addresses but no postcode in OSM (with
their way IDs) and see if any match up with the Land Registry
addresses. This way we can add postcode to buildings rather than just
to the roads.

Not sure if this is any easier/harder to do.

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