[Talk-GB] Telegraph releases Green Belt data

Ralph Smyth RalphS at cpre.org.uk
Mon Dec 3 15:28:21 GMT 2012

Just to let everyone know that I've been on the phone with the relevant
officials at DCLG to discuss the licence for this data. They are already
aware of OSM, are keen to get the licence on the data clarified so it
can be reused more widely and are in discussions with OS about this.


In the meantime, a better map has been produced using the data:



In terms of Green Belt designation, some of the comments on this list
have rather misunderstood what it us. Designation as Green Belt is
supposed to be permanent - even if exceptional circumstances are found
to justify a particular development in Green Belt, that will not
necessarily revoke its status in that location. For example, if a house
has been built in Green Belt, then the fact it is still Green Belt is
likely to mean it is more difficult to obtain permission for a large
extension etc.



Ralph Smyth
Senior Transport Campaigner, Barrister
Campaign to Protect Rural England




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