[Talk-GB] Added road schemes announced in the Autumn Statement in OSM

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Mon Dec 10 08:46:38 GMT 2012

Kevin Peat wrote:
>  > No. We should be mapping physical objects...
> There are plenty of non-physical objects mapped in OSM but I don't see the point
> of adding road schemes to the db before contracts are awarded.  The South Devon
> Link Road near me was in the planning stage for more than 25 years before work
> started and having proposed routes in OSM for such long periods wouldn't benefit
> anyone.

The problem is the lack of any current overlay facilities. We are looking at an 
overlay for historic information, and perhaps a similar 'projected' overlay is 
now about due? Where more than one proposed route is being discussed, it WOULD 
be nice to be able to see that information in parallel with OSM, but certainly 
not in the main database. ( Removing past history from the database is still not 
cut and dry in my book, but if a safe haven is created for that ... )

Personally I think the right time for any 'new' development to appear is when 
the diggers move in and start work. At that point it becomes useful to see what 
is going on from existing routes? Anything else is just 'speculation'.

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