[Talk-GB] Guidance for adding PRoW to OSM

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Mon Dec 31 14:22:22 GMT 2012

After 2026 a public right of way will only exist if it appears on the Local
Authorities "Definitive Map". This means that irrespective of what is on
the ground, the legal right of way is that shown on the legal Definitive

What does this mean for OSM:

* As noted "designation=public_footpath" is *only* used if it's a PRoW. Tag
based on the Definitive Map (if open data), and the waymarkers on the

* For all other paths and all areas where the Definitive Map does not match
with the real world, please use "suspected:designation=public_footpath" (or
suspected:designation=row). You may also want to keep a written record. We
can then collate this information and pass it back to the relevant Local
Authority (you can of course do this now).


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