[Talk-GB] Byway between Muston and Belvoir (was "Guidance for adding PRoW to OSM")

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Even smaller - I am pretty sure the problem I had was just to the North of

You are right, there are plenty of opportunities to add footpaths to
I concentrated on the Weardale Way (which you can see on Lonvia's Hiking
Map if you are interested (

When we met a branching footpath I tried to record a short stub to show it
is there, but we have not followed most of them.    There is also a marked
'Mineral Valley's Walk' through the area that we will probably try to
follow during 2013....but there are huge numbers of 'normal' public
footpaths too.....my challenge is trying to incorporate these into a nice
walk, as we don't tend to go 'mapping' - we go for a walk, and I take my
GPX receiver with me!



On 31 December 2012 16:20, Steven Horner <steven at stevenhorner.com> wrote:

> It's a small world, the incident I described was also in Weardale near
> Thimbleby Hill South of Stanhope. I didn't use OSM then and checking OSM
> the path is not marked. A path on the opposite side of the wall where the
> farmer was stood is marked which is incorrect and will lead to someone else
> being shouted at unless I fix it.
> There is a massive job to add all of the paths in Weardale to OSM. I will
> gradually add them as I am out walking. I have GPX tracks of many previous
> walks and good records.
> Steven
> On Mon, Dec 31, 2012 at 3:00 PM, Graham Jones <grahamjones139 at gmail.com>wrote:
>> I have had similar issues, but without the abusive farmer in your part of
>> the world? (Weardale).  My old OS map said the Weardale w
>> Way went through this field, and there was a waymark at the junction with
>> the road, but once in the (very large!) field, there was no obvious way out
>> - just rusty gates and barbed wire - I think the route was changed, but
>> they didn't take down all the old waymarks, which left a lot of paths to
>> nowhere.....   Can't remember how I mapped that in the end....
>> Graham.
>>> I had walked across his field according to the map which was a couple of
>>> years old and got to the end of the field to find a padlocked gate. I
>>> returned back to the sign and it was pointing in a different direction
>>> (straight ahead) and also had 3 way markers all pointing straight ahead. I
>>> presumed the route had been changed so followed the arrow after a about 50
>>> yards I heard various abuse from over the wall. The farmer was angry that
>>> we weren't following the map and could we read one. We explained (or tried
>>> to) but he said the gate was someone elses and that was the only way we
>>> could go. There were no visible paths on the ground in any direction.
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