[Talk-GB] JOSM presets for rights of way in England and Wales

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Tue Feb 7 10:52:48 GMT 2012

>3. Re-marking countryside source=npe stuff traced by people (normally
>back in OSM history before highway=path was invented). Because OS New
>Popular Edition maps were made before rights of way were codified,
>it's impossible to tell if a dotted line on the old map is a bridleway
>or a footpath - or even a track in many cases - without going out and
>mapping it properly; good aerial imagery only helps so far, you need
>to see the signs. Since the exact level of knowledge in OSM is "used
>to be a path ages ago. Don't know what it was used for", marking it as
>highway=path is probably the most honest thing you can do if you want
>to retain the data and improve it. Plus it's helpful to see little
>black lines on your phone screen if you're out chasing unknown paths
>across fields!

And in some cases it's *not a right of way at all* !!! So please **don't**
add a path in from NPE unless you know it exists in 
reality! On Saturday I encountered about 5 "paths" marked on NPE north of Chichester
which do not exist in reality in any form at all these days.

I would urge people never to add paths to OSM from non-GPS sources unless you
are familiar with the area.


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