[Talk-GB] "United Kingdom Tagging Guidelines" on the OSM wiki: due for an update?

Andrew Chadwick a.t.chadwick at gmail.com
Fri Feb 17 17:35:36 GMT 2012

> On 17 February 2012 15:43, Nick Whitelegg <Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
> <mailto:Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk>> wrote:
>     From my understanding, a minimum of ONE to TWO tags are needed:
>     a) a highway tag. This represents the physical properties of the
>     way, e.g. service, track, path (or footway - see below)
>     b) if applicable, a designation tag. This represents the RoW status.

Agreed. Although I think highway=footway is a more tightly defined kind
of duck than highway=path, and says more. Probably it's better for
international map consumers (forinners!) for us to still suggest
intermediate mappers tag things with little yellow arrows as




because if that's all the info you have, the former says a little more
by implication and the latter compels data consumers to know about crazy
UK legislation rather than crazy OSM tagging implications when routing
bikes, say.

On 17/02/12 16:39, Graham Jones replied to Nick:
> I agree - I will normally tag a public footpath as highway = path |
> track, designation = public_footpath.  I may include a surface=gravel |
> paved if it is not a mud path.
> I too only use highway=footway for urban footpaths, but you see plenty
> of them in the country and I don't usually bother changing them.

FWIW, I tend to use footway as my "looks like it's deliberately made
_for_ feet" tag, and path as my "looks like it's merely made _by_
miscellaneous narrow-trail traffic" tag. No particular urban/rural split.

I'd still love to see some areas with big outbreaks of
highway=path+designation-only, or highway=path+access-tags-only as
representations of public paths. Must throw down some overpass-api
quadrats around the country to see what people are doing in various
areas, before we completely throw highway=path to the Germans.
Statistically, would highway=path + designation=public_footpath vs.
highway=footway + designation=public_footpath be a worthwhile
comparison? Should get around the legacy issue with h=footway.

Good that everyone's happy about designation=* and generally focusing on
simplicity, anyway. There's hope :)

I won't be making any sweeping changes to the main page without putting
up drafts for review and announcing them here.

Andrew Chadwick

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