[Talk-GB] "United Kingdom Tagging Guidelines" on the OSM wiki: due for an update?

Derick Rethans osm at derickrethans.nl
Sat Feb 18 10:48:57 GMT 2012


On Sat, 18 Feb 2012, Graham Jones wrote:

> On the other hand I treat highway=path as just being a statement of fact -
> 'there is a path here', so it needs some access tags adding to it.   In my
> mind highway = footway is about the same as highway=path; foot=yes (or
> maybe designation=public_footpath, but that is more specific).

During the Weybridge mapping party, I'd encountered some residential 
roads (highway=residential) or service roads (highway=service) that were 
also "public footpaths", so I've mapped those as:



Marking those roads as highway=footway or highway=path makes no sense 
(to me).


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