[Talk-GB] "United Kingdom Tagging Guidelines" on the OSM wiki: due for an update?

Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Sun Feb 19 14:58:17 GMT 2012

Hi All,

I hadn't thought about public footpaths along a road. It nicely
demonstrates that for RoWs the highway tag really doesn't matter as it is
the designation that gives the relevant information.

In that case I would tend to agree with Andrew's methodology (which also
makes things easier for routing software):
  1. If it is clearly a route for walking on (e.g. paved or signposted)
then use highway=footway.
  2. If it looks like people use it as a route to walk/cycle(?) (e.g. well
trodden ground) but no sign or paving then highway=path.

I would also be happy to review any proposed edits to the wiki page if the
link is posted here. I don't know of the technical ins and outs of the
relevant laws but could give you good "new user" feedback.


You are dead right - I was talking about paths as in narrow strips of
ground for walking on.

I would tag a public footpath as highway=<whatever is appropriate:
unclassified|residential|service|track|path>, designation=public_footpath.


On 18 February 2012 10:48, Derick Rethans <osm at derickrethans.nl
<http://lists.openstreetmap.org/listinfo/talk-gb>> wrote:

>* Hi,*>**>* On Sat, 18 Feb 2012, Graham Jones wrote:*>**>* > On the other hand I treat highway=path as just being a statement of fact*>* -*>* > 'there is a path here', so it needs some access tags adding to it.   In*>* my*>* > mind highway = footway is about the same as highway=path; foot=yes (or*>* > maybe designation=public_footpath, but that is more specific).*>**>* During the Weybridge mapping party, I'd encountered some residential*>* roads (highway=residential) or service roads (highway=service) that were*>* also "public footpaths", so I've mapped those as:*>**>* highway=residential*>* designation=public_footpath*>**>* http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/150222454*>**>* Marking those roads as highway=footway or highway=path makes no sense*>* (to me).*>**>* cheers,*>* Derick*>**>* --*>* http://derickrethans.nl | http://xdebug.org*>* Like Xdebug? Consider a donation: http://xdebug.org/donate.php*>* twitter: @derickr and @xdebug*>**

Graham Jones
Hartlepool, UK.
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