[Talk-GB] Surrey

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Feb 21 16:41:42 GMT 2012

Andrew asked:

> I was reluctant to copy road names from OS OpenData
> in Weybridge though some other mappers were willing
> to do so. Does it make sense to get names in where
> people will not be visiting quickly?

I am willing to help remap roads in Surrey from OS OpenData if the
help would be welcome; I realise that surveying would produce better

I would add source and/or source:name tags to the ways to show
whether the road came entirely from OS StreetView, or whether the
name came from OS Locator (for some short streets where the name
isn't in StreetView). Or even OS Vectormap using the tiles I created
following RichardF's instructions for use in pulling through ways in
Potlatch 2:
(now contains SU, TL and TQ despite what that landing page says).

With suitable source tags an area that needs proper surveying can
still be highlighted in a number of ways (if we smiled nicely at ITO
I'm sure they'd do an ITO Map Overlay showing common source or
source:name tagged items).

I'd love to get to a mapping party in Surrey, but will be unable to
do so before the licence change is due; any surveying time I have
managed to get recently I've been walking sections of the Essex Way
to try and reduce the amount of data which will be lost in Essex (if
anyone has gps traces for the St. Peter's Way they might like to
remap that, as that is now the longest "thing" that will suffer
major damage).


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