[Talk-GB] New OOC OS 1:25,000 tiles (beta)

Andy Robinson ajrlists at gmail.com
Fri Feb 24 11:28:02 GMT 2012

Thanks to Grant there is now a new beta version of the Out-Of-Copyright OS
1:25,000 mapping available currently viewable at
(note this address may change in the future).

The process used is different from that currently visible at
ooc.openstreetmap.org in that the maps are tiled and delivered by MapServer
on the fly which means that the task of rectifying and tiling each map sheet
isn't required, instead MapServer uses the georeferenced original TIFF

The main benefit to users now is that the whole of each map sheet is visible
(the old method sliced off edge tiles for isolated sheets during the tiling
I've added info for JOSM users on the wiki
(http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Provisional/First_Edition#JOSM). It
needs testing in Potlatch and Merkartor . Note that the tiles are now png
rather than jpg if you are simply making a server name change in the editor

The main benefit in the longer term is that the vast number of maps sheets
donated by Glasgow University will be available much more quickly once they
have been scanned.

Mapserver has been set up to serve index colour tiles (to maintain
performance) which may result in some sheets not being as colour rich as
with the old tiles. This will be improved as new scans come online. To check
out what the new ones should look like pan over to sheet TG41 on the Norfolk
coast, especially in contrast to TG40 to the south of it.

If you click the layer tab from the faffy map view you will also note that
the latest OS Streetview and  the Surrey County Air Survey are also being
served by MapServer in the same way.

Bear in mind that this instance of MapServer is still very much in testing
mode so the facility may go offline at times.



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