[Talk-GB] Staffordshire Way

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Fri Jan 13 20:08:56 GMT 2012

Just for info, it looks like this has been split up and made part of a 
super-relation by this changeset:


With the middle bit added to European walking route E2.  This isn't 
necessarily a bad idea although (a) I suspect some discussion first 
might have been a good idea, so that mappers don't add new ways to the 
"wrong" relation and (b) I've no idea how to verify E2 on the ground - 
the bits of the Staffordshire Way that I've added that allegedly form 
part of the European route don't have it signposted.

I've mailed the author of the change, as there is still a bit of tidying 
to be done (distance, and start and end points are on the "wrong" 
relation for a start).

Does the rest of it still look OK to everyone?


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