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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sat Jan 14 18:56:38 GMT 2012


On 01/14/2012 04:35 PM, Eike Ritter wrote:
> 2.) Quite often the changes by a non-accepter are trivial (eg additional
> tag "created by JOSM" is the only difference. What's the best way of
> dealing with this? So far, I've left those nodes alone, but they will
> still show in the OSM-inspector despite being really OK. Is there any
> way to delete this tag other than re-creating this node which marks it
> as clean in the OSM-inspector?

OSMI makes an effort to highlight as problematic only those nodes where 
the removal of decliner content will make a meaningful difference. It 
should treat the created_by tag as "harmless", i.e. these objects should 
just appear in yellow which is not cause for concern.

In fact I wonder if I should ditch the "harmless" layer altogehter and 
have nothing that is coloured yellow, it seems to confuse people more 
than necessary. The idea behind the yellow "harmless" thing was to 
signal to the mapper "this object has been touched by a decliner but is 
still considered ok, you don't have to remap it". I did that hoping that 
people would occasionally check if OSMI does the right thing ;) but 
maybe the time of the yellow stuff is over.


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