[Talk-GB] Beta test of cycling date merge-tool

Robert Norris rw_norris at hotmail.com
Tue Jan 24 03:09:45 GMT 2012

> I've now received lots more data on this project, again for soliciting
> feedback. Current areas available include:
> Nottingham
> Cambridge
> Devon
> Mendip
> South Somerset
> Taunton Sedgemoor
> You can have a look using the demo available at
> http://gravitystorm.dev.openstreetmap.org/cnxc-demo/

I've just had a look at a couple of the new areas.

The Taunton Sedgemoor import data seems pretty messed up.
Eg Mansuel Road, seems have picked out wrong points (over 5+ miles away) to generate crazily wrong geometry.

Other areas look OK.


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