[Talk-GB] Anyone up for a Hampshire footpaths remapping after the clocks go on?

Nick Whitelegg Nick.Whitelegg at solent.ac.uk
Fri Mar 2 15:22:26 GMT 2012

Hello everyone,

As I've said before there is quite a major problem with Hampshire rights of way post-licence-change, due to the fact that very large numbers of footpaths in mid-Hampshire were contributed by a declining former mapper, Andy Street, and they will be deleted. Since this is my local area I'm quite keen to get this problem sorted one way or another.

Therefore would anyone be up for a major, weekend-long remapping effort in this area post-clock-change (to take maximum advantage of the hours of daylight) probably in April?

I propose centering on the Meon Valley, Hampshire - this is the epicentre of the issue. Only problem is, I would probably need transport there from someone as I don't drive and the public transport round there is absolutely hopeless so if someone could give me a lift from somewhere that would be absolutely great... :-)

Would people be up for this in principle? If so I could set up a doodle poll.


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