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Mon Mar 5 12:15:06 GMT 2012


I have been talking with Cristopher Fleet from the National Library of Scotland. He is keen to promote the mapping services of the library to the Openstreetmap Community and other groups that are interested. They have set up various services including the OS 7th Series which is overlayed with a transparent OSM Layer.



Areas in Scotland, England and Wales are now available

Cristopher would like to make sure that the WMS layer is compatible with JOSM so that future releases of data is available to us

From his e-mail

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The Ordnance Survey One-Inch to the mile Seventh Series of Great Britain (1952-1961) is available as individual sheets at http://maps.nls.uk/os/one-inch-seventh-series/index.html and as a georeferenced layer athttp://geo.nls.uk/search/mosaic/  (in the left hand drop-down list, choose “Great Britain – OS One Inch, 1955-61” ).
The MapTiler tileset is at: http://geo.nls.uk/mapdata2/os/seventh/${z}/${x}/${y}.png
The Web Map Service is at: http://geo.nls.uk/cgi-bin/mapserv.exe?map=e:\\mapdata2\\os\\seventh\\mapserver.map&
These Seventh Series maps have been georeferenced by the National Library of Scotland, with generous funding from Wilbourn Associates - further details at http://geo.nls.uk/partners/wilbourn/

- - - - - - - - - - - 

Cristopher has also posted this information on the OSM Wiki


Unfortunately TimSC who was maintaining the 7th Series for OSM has decided not to contribute further to OSM although I am not sure if he is still interested in maintaining the 7th series WMS for other projects.

Is there anyone available to contact Cristopher concerning the National Library of Scotland service?

If there is could you contact him on the E-mail address posted on the wiki (reference number 6) or through me.

The folks at the NLS are really excellent and It would be very beneficial for us and them to get more interaction going

Thanks in advance


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