[Talk-GB] Bing imagery update? using photo's from late 2011?

Mike Valiant mike_valiant at hotmail.com
Fri Mar 9 14:22:16 GMT 2012

On their website, if you select Bird's Eye view then the view stays the same to maximum resolution. If however you select Aerial view it uses images taken at a different time and then flips to the Bird's Eye view at the highest resolution.
I don't know about the relative dates of the images.
Could just be a bug!  //Mike
Date: Fri, 9 Mar 2012 13:26:28 +0000
From: jamicuosm at googlemail.com
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Subject: [Talk-GB] Bing imagery update? using photo's from late 2011?

I've just noticed an update to Bing imagery in the UK. Area I was looking at was Torbay, Devon. [link]. The updates images are not available at full zoom for some reason, so by zooming all the way in you can see the previous images.

Finding it hard to give a date to the images, but I think for Torbay they were taken in late summer 2011.

I've spotted land changes in images for South London that indicate a recent imagery & update there. Has this happened across the UK?

Apologies is this info has already come up in the list.


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