[Talk-GB] New VectorMapDistrict comparison maps on ITO Map

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Tue Mar 13 20:21:02 GMT 2012

I am pleased to be able announce that ITO Map now has a bunch of new map
views comparing data in OSM with VectorMapDistrict. There are 7 new maps:
two comparing roads in OSM with those in VMD (one highlighting omissions in
VMD and the other from OSM), and also maps comparing railways, electricity,
water, woodland and building data in the two map bases.

The version of VMD we are using is probably not the most recent and we are
also aware of some odd times on zoom 8. We will ensure that we using the
latest VMD within the next few days and will be taking a look at the
problems with zoom 8.

In the mean time I hope it is useful.

These maps use our new ITO Map interface with a place search and sharing
options which we rolled out last week.


Peter Miller
ITO World Ltd
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