[Talk-GB] London 2012 tourch relay route

Andy Robinson ajrlists at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 08:42:16 GMT 2012

 From: Tom Hughes [mailto:tom at compton.nu]
> Sent: 19 March 2012 08:33
> To: Andy Robinson
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> Subject: Re: London 2012 tourch relay route
> On 19/03/12 08:02, Andy Robinson wrote:
> > You may have seen from news this morning that the torch relay route for
> the
> > 2012 Olympics has been published. PDF's on the BBC website:
> > http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-17358291
> >
> > IMO this the type of data that OSM was made for.
> I couldn't disagree more... It's ephemeral noise.
Yep, but like gritting routes OSM is one of the few methods that this type
of information can usefully held and displayed. The data might only be
relevant for a short period in the run-up to the games but it's still in my
view relevant and will have a historical context thereafter.


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