[Talk-GB] People wanting to remove the route of the HS2 from openstreetmap

Andy Robinson ajrlists at gmail.com
Mon Mar 26 18:43:11 BST 2012

Thanks Tom. I've now added a note on the Facebook page too.


Changing the name Tag might quieten things a bit. Better still would be not
have Mapnik display the name tag at all (since its not displaying the route
otherwise) so we could just move the name to another tag?


Thoughts anyone? Let's please not get into the argument as to whether HS2
should be built or not!


Has anyone done any edit reverts yet?





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On 26 March 2012 14:29, Barry Cornelius <barrycorneliusuk at gmail.com> wrote:

Although I'm only a lurker on openstreetmap and talk-gb, my understanding is
that the DfT did not do this and that whoever did add HS2 to OSM would
probably not want it deleted.  If this is right, then maybe somebody who
knows more than me should enlighten these people.


I'm trying to explain it all to the group members, it might help if the
route were named 'Proposed HS2 route' or similar.



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