[Talk-GB] Heathrow Airport

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Tue Mar 27 08:11:36 BST 2012

Andrew wrote:
> There are a number of roads around the airport tagged
> highway=secondary without numbers, the main
> entrance road being highway=primary.  Some of them
> need to be mapped. OS Streetview does not show these
> roads as B roads. Should they be pushed down to
> highway=tertiary or are they a special case?

Many of them are the service roads for the airport rather than general driving 
roads, so updating them to 'service' may be more correct since only the ring of 
numbered roads around the airport are the traffic flow route. There always used 
to be a sign on the 'short cut' I used to use going to work saying 'access only' 
on the road that crosses the taxiway to the east - Eastchurch Road on the map. 
Don't know that it is still there, but a doubt that the rules have changed, it's 
just that nobody obeys them ;) But the Perimeter Road is probably correctly tagged.

I presume you are looking at the license flags on that area? Certainly all the 
'problems' to the East just want tagging as clean ...

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