[Talk-GB] Updates to the England Cycling Data project

Andy Allan gravitystorm at gmail.com
Thu Nov 8 10:45:22 GMT 2012

Hi All,

I've made some updates to the software that powers the England Cycling
Data[1] project (i.e updates to snapshot-server).

* All the capitalisation bugs (e.g. Lane -> lane) should be taken care of
* Each area now has an overall completion percentage, and these are
shown on the list of areas too:


* Progress bars are now coloured, with the traditional
red/yellow/green motivational colours :-)


* There's now a trademarked "shonky map" to show a random selection of
things that need examining, e.g.


These maps still need some more developing, but should be especially
useful when tracking down the remaining features in a particular area,
rather than having to page through the lists of nodes and ways

There's also been some other behind-the-scenes development on the
snapshot-server software, making it slightly easier to install and
improving compatibility with PostGIS 2.0. If you are planning your own
data-merging project, feel free to get in touch or jump in with ideas
for the software on github[2]. Thanks to Paul Norman for his bug
reports over the last few weeks - he's been experimenting with just
this situation.


[1] http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/England_Cycling_Data_project
[2] https://github.com/gravitystorm/snapshot-server

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