[Talk-GB] OS boundary data as background images in Potlatch orJOSM

J.Woollacott woollac at hotmail.com
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Thanks Colin.

Ideal...  I'm looking to update Dartmoor & Exmoor,  which already have 
relationships,  so this will enable me to match the gpx layer with the 
existing data in JOSM.

Just had a quick look at the Dartmoor gpx and it matches the road layout in 
a section I'm familiar with.  So looking good.


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I have obtained the data from the Natural England website and converted it
successfully to GPX. You can get the GPX files and the licence statement
from here:



a) the data seems to be OGL-licensed but I am not a lawyer so I cannot say
it's ok to use as a source for OSM (but I suspect it is OK)
b) the metadata within the GPX still assumes it is from OS Open Data - I
will fix that up this weekend

So I would recommend not "importing" the GPX into OSM yet as the copyright
statement in the metadata is wrong. However you can already work with it
directly in Potlatch/JOSM if you want - I would appreciate any feedback
about the accuracy of the reprojection (does it align accurately?).


> Colin
> Is there anyway to get the National Park's boundary lines in this format
> please?
> Jason (UniEagle)

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