[Talk-GB] Telegraph releases Green Belt data

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On 28 November 2012 19:40, Andy Robinson <ajrlists at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Also although it’s called Green Belt it includes many areas that also
> have other designations, such as Country Parks, Golf Courses Recreation
> Grounds, etc etc etc.****
> **
Would you map all the items and then tag their green_beltness (e.g.
leisure=golf_course + protected_area=green_belt), or would you just map an
area around all of them for protected_area=green_belt?

You can tell when it changes.
1) If people stop playing golf and 200 houses are built on the land, it's
probably lost it's green belt status.
2) If you read all the planning notices/applications in your area, and one
is to de-designate the green belt status.

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