[Talk-GB] Sustrans still using OS map data

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I talked to some of the Sustrans folks last year at State of the map Scotland. The impression that I received was that OSM was not quite complete enough to surpass their usage of OS maps that it has been their tradition to use. There was some considerable interest in getting people to use helmet cams to record cycle routes to find signposts because there was no central database for the longer routes. They were very positive towards OSM but realise that they are a political group and we are not. I see a much more productive partnership in the future especially if we can say we have all the named road in the uk done.



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I see Sustrans are still using OS map data instead of OSM on this
    newly produced map (twitterpic): 


I presume someone within OSM has talked to them about it. Do they
    have a long term contract, or not consider our data complete enough?
    Seems a great shame a charity is paying for something that could be

Dave F.

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