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Ahem, just to be accurate.
It's the Bodleian Library, not Bodelian. Unless there's another one?



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Hi Mikel, should have some more info on the Sheffield holding (photos and description) either over the w/e or in a weeks time. I’m expecting them to be mostly boxed sets and the coverage mainly focussed on northern England.
Useful to know about your Bodelian experience.


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Amazing. Sounds like a similar cache to what's held at Bodelian in Oxford. This collection of images was acquired by RAF over British Colonies, and other nations, in order to make ordnance survey maps. There's over 500K images there. I've explored it once, and found/scanned/composited/georeferenced/tiled Nairobi from 1961. As it was just 50 years, it was out of copyright (copyright in the case of these images is presumably owned by the country they were acquired in, even if they were then a colony).

Did a short presentation on this a couple weeks ago.

My thinking around next step was something like a Kickstarter to do 10 more global, out of copyright cities, and build a site to start distributing and promoting the imagery.

It's really amazing stuff, a time machine. Excited to see what's  in the Sheffield cache. Also, we might be able to ask for guidance on storage from the Bodelian, they were very helpful when I was working with the archive.


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Given the 'historic' nature of this material, I thought I would copy this here.


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Sheffield University has some surplus aerial imagery that could be available

to us if we wish to have it. Its described as a considerable collection

(amounting to around 6 filling

cabinets) of UK (mostly England, and mainly northern England) black & white

9" x 9" photographic prints, dating from around WWII to the early 1980s.

There are a few index sheets, many of the boxed sets are labelled.

I've asked for some more details so that we might consider storage

requirements (They are currently temporarily stored in a garage but need to

be in a dry low humidity room really) and should get some photos of what it

all looks like in the next few days.

In the meantime two questions for UK OSMers:

1. Do you think this is a resource that we should go for and build upon as a

sub-project within OSM?

2. How should we best deal with physical storage until such time as items

can be digitised. The question about what to do with documents (same applies

to all the map sheets I have) after digitising can be left till a later


I'm less worried about scanning and managing the files now as I have

sufficient scanning equipment to cover most bases and disk space attached to

an OSM sever doesn't appear to be an issue. We would need to come up with

tools and methods of turning them into a seamless mosaic but I'm sure given

the task there's a workable solution for that too.

All thoughts, suggestions and offers welcome.




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