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Yes, this is what I do. In fact the example which Chris picked out was done by me a few years ago when I cycled through the area. I’ve tagged quite a few bridges like this in Kent. You’ll also notice that I’ve included the operator, operator’s phone number, bridge name, etc. on the relation too when they’re included on the sign.


Railway structure numbers seem to have a letter portion, which denotes the line, and a sequential numeric portion. Occasionally there are places where an extra bridge has been added and these have a letter suffix, just like extra motorway junctions.






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Some railway bridges near me have already been added to a bridge relation, not by me, that includes the reference. See http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/relation/446579 as an example. I don't know if this a good idea or not, nor if the number is what you have in mind.

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All railway bridges (over- and under-) in the UK have a unique number.
often carried on a metal (more recently plastic) identification plate,
or painted on:


Among other things, these are used to speedily identify the bridge in
case of a vehicle strike which may pose a danger to trains or other


Do we have a scheme for tagging UK railway bridges with their numbers?
I have looked on Wiki, and can't find anything, and my local bridges
are either not tagged; or tagged (for example) ref = B4124:


which does not identify that number as being a NetworkRail reference
(if indeed it is, being on a road overbridge maintained by the local

If we do not have something more specific, I'm happy to draft
something for discussion.

Andy Mabbett


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