[Talk-GB] Messed up buildings in Preston

Kev js1982 osm at kevswindells.eu
Fri Apr 12 19:10:43 UTC 2013

I quickly learnt that that lesson and haven't done any more since. Been
slowly fixing it ever since (and filling in various bits and pieces since)
- kinda got distracted by software crashing on uploads so just banged it
into JOSM (which I can never get the hang of) with the intention of fixing
it (annoyingly the small areas I checked in detail before proceeding
actually worked okay) soon after and quickly losing the will after losing
multiple lots of edits.  The building outlines actually pretty much match
the area I grew up in (1930s - 1970s council new builds have lots and lots
of rectangles!), it was only once the Mapnik rendering caught up a week or
so later and panning towards the city centre that it became apparent how
iffy the street-view data and road layout actually were.  The road network
was also reasonably good where I did my initial checks (thanks in part to
the fixes I'd previously done from GPS traces).

Mainly been working from the Lea area towards the docks and city though and
been aligning to combination of OS data and the GPS traces, along with a
combination of photos and local knowledge.

*(The system really needs some form of "you've uploaded loads of stuff, is
this really any good?" type warnings/cooling off period to try and get rid
of some over-eagerness in getting extra detail in!)*


On 14 March 2013 08:23, Kevin Peat <k at k3v.eu> wrote:

> On 13 Mar 2013 19:37, "Kev js1982" <osm at kevswindells.eu> wrote:
> >
> > I think some of that may well be me, I've been slowly but surly fixing
> it, but is compounded by the road network being a complete mess in many
> places, the difficulty in getting GPS lock to get something to align Bing...
> >
> Loading building outlines in an area where the roads are a "mess" seems
> like a really bad idea. It just makes it even harder to sort things out.
> Loading the OS StreetView building outlines which are hugely simplified
> seems like an even worse idea. This tool doesn't seem to be production
> ready so probably the wiki page should say not to use it for production
> uploads.
> If Bing alignment is poor and you have no good traces you can always use
> an OS layer to align it.
> Kevin
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