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Hi ed.   For ward boundaries I will use ordnance survey boundary line , which is available as open data.  Happy for you to correct the name

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I’m a bit concerned about where you are going to source the
non-parish boundary following ways from. When I saw the import
yesterday I checked for the most local node to me which I think is
Myland in Colchester. You have a link there to the Colchester
council website which has a boundary drawn on an OS derived map, so
that can’t be used to define it as far as I understand things.

Or is it OK to derive the boundary from the text of the document and
use OS boundary line as you propose? E.g.

“Amended plans were submitted and the area
formally submitted to Colchester Borough Council and published for
included the whole of the Myland Ward (which includes Braiswick) and
the whole of
Myland Parish (which includes a small area of Highwoods Ward).
Following the
consultation, officers contacted Myland Community Council and
Braiswick Residents
Association and it was agreed that the name of the proposed area
should be ‘Myland
and Braiswick Neighbourhood Area’.”

Which also suggests the name=Myland tag value is wrong already… (Oh,
and the text above says Myland Ward but I think that is Mile End
Ward looking at the OS Boundaryline data for the area in QGIS).


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