[Talk-GB] "Trunk" vs "green-sign" routes in the UK

David Fisher djfisher81 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 13:44:21 UTC 2013


This is kind of a tagging question, but is UK-specific and pretty
straightforward so I thought I'd post it here -- apologies & happy to
re-post if felt inappropriate.

I've noticed a couple of roads in the UK being downgraded in OSM from
"trunk" to "primary" on the basis that they are not "trunk" in the County
Council / DfT maintenance sense.  They are, however, "green-sign" primary
routes and are clearly of greater importance than your average "white-sign"
route.  The ones I've noticed are the A354 (Salisbury-Blandford) and A22
(Greater London boundary to E Grinstead).

Strictly speaking these changes are correct, as "trunk" in the UK implies
being run by the DfT rather than local councils (N.B. a large number of
former trunk routes have been devolved in the past 10 or 20 years).  But
the OSM Wiki says to use the "trunk" tag for "primary A road (green
signs)", and this would certainly make more sense from the road-user
perspective.  Is there a consensus on this?  If not, might it be a good
idea to introduce a new tag signifying a UK "green-sign" route, and for
these to be rendered as such in Mapnik (i.e. in green, the same as "trunk"


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