[Talk-GB] Mass edits of landuse /natural tags

John Baker rovastar at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 25 16:00:26 UTC 2013

Wow creating a storm here.

I cannot believe we are have so much discussion about grass. I have had some before not about this type...

Things should be tagged first and foremost with both wiki definitions and what is in general usage. In both of these cases landuse=grass should be used for grass landcover. 

This is what is defined in landcover, landuse wiki pages. That is what is used in general around the UK. 

I know how few natural=grass where in the database before I changed them so there were not in common usage and a agreed standard and I am confused at the passion this brings for those that didn't even edit it as such.


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    John Baker wrote:


        But if there was no existing landuse tag what is the harm?


    Without visiting each place and doing an on-site survey, how do you
    know what the actual landuse is?  


    It worries me that these sort of global search-and-replaces are
    taking place without any discussion


    The best person to decide what something should be tagged as is
    someone who's been there and had a look.  They may be making
    incorrect assumptions about tag use (think of the various odd
    "designations" that pop up from newbies that are really
    "descriptions"), but in that case the best way is to discuss it with
    the mapper concerned, then raise on a list such as this one if they
    insist on "doing it wrong".  In most cases with non-newbie mappers
    there's usually a genuine reason why they've tagged things as they
    have.  Any attempt to restrict tag use like this will restrict the
    usefulness of the data, in this case to "well it looks green on
    aerial imagery", which anyone in their armchair can see.  The
    advantage of OSM over other maps (even over the OS for most of the
    country) is having people who actually go there and have a look, not
    just take as given what e.g. a local authority thinks is there, or
    what it looks like from a few thousand feet up.






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