[Talk-GB] Mass edits of landuse /natural tags

John Baker rovastar at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 25 17:07:17 UTC 2013

On the contrary Chris but I do understand. It seems that many here do not.

The objections still baffle me. I can only presume that anyone doing any edit without a GPS and physical survey is not welcomed on this list much like the continuing animosity over armchair mapping/using aerial imagery.

The wiki is a consensus of opinion over the years about how to tag things. The lack of respect for this I find staggering.

I have no problem with people using minority tags but if you choose to use them that conflict and/or are easily confused with existing tags. e.g. if you want to use something for describing the type of grass used, use grasstype= or something not natural=grass that *most* have been entered incorrectly when they mean landuse=grass for grass landcover.

To be honest I am less likely to engage in discussion about future edits as all they will seem to end in is: always message the original editor, always do a manual survey and you don't know what you are doing - all of which I strongly disagree with.

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> Subject: Re: [Talk-GB] Mass edits of landuse /natural tags
> On 25/04/13 17:00, John Baker wrote:
> > Wow creating a storm here.
> >
> > I cannot believe we are have so much discussion about grass. I have 
> > had some before not about this type...
> >
> See! Discussion is needed. There are points of view that you don't 
> understand and didn't find out about because you didn't ask.
> > Things should be tagged first and foremost with both wiki definitions 
> > and what is in general usage. In both of these cases landuse=grass 
> > should be used for grass landcover.
> No. The wiki is hardly an oracle or fount of all knowledge. It is a 
> muddle that 'just growed'. There is no right tag or wrong tag and a wiki 
> page is certainly not a licence to mass edit. You are squashing subtle 
> meanings from people's tagging that you don't seem to understand even 
> exists.
> >
> > This is what is defined in landcover, landuse wiki pages. That is what 
> > is used in general around the UK.
> So? It's a guide, not a law. It is at the mercy of whomsoever last 
> edited the page.
> > I know how few natural=grass where in the database before I changed 
> > them so there were not in common usage and a agreed standard and I am 
> > confused at the passion this brings for those that didn't even edit it 
> > as such.
> A minority tag is not there to be squashed out of existence with a mass 
> edit, it is there because someone chose to use it. The passion is to 
> show respect for the process of discussing mass edits to prevent people 
> who don't get it from doing it.
> -- 
> Cheers, Chris
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