[Talk-GB] walls versus landuse=field

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Tue Apr 30 12:03:50 UTC 2013

Henry Gomersall wrote:
> That's interesting. So it seems that Mapnik _is_ rendering fences. 
> Who's the arbiter of what is rendered in the main map? 

There's a "trac" subject for it, but as I understand it requests for 
"what gets rendered on the main map" are a bit backed up right now 
because the next rendering change is likely to be to a more sane (and 
maintainable) mechanism for "what gets rendered" - something that will 
be hugely beneficial to anyone who's tried to poke the XML for the 
current map style to make it do anything different.

Here's a list of trac tickets for the main map style by priority (as 
perceived by the person who logged the ticket):


> barrier=wall is very common in the areas that interest me (the lakes), 
> and very useful info to walkers too.

For info, barrier=wall is currently also rendered:


(all that work there is Dudley's not mine I hasten to add!)

One more thing though - I personally wouldn't get too worried about what 
gets rendered at what layer on the main map style, since what people 
will see if they're out and about may very well not be "standard map" 
tiles.  In my case it'd be a map on a Garmin handheld; in many other 
cases it'd be an Android vector map of some sort.  As long as the data's 
there whoever creates the map can use it!


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