[Talk-GB] Marking landuse and field boundaries

cotswolds mapper osmcotswolds at gmail.com
Thu Jan 3 14:56:47 GMT 2013

The problem I have mapping field boundaries round here is that they are
very difficult to categorise.

Historically, they were all dry stone walls.  However, dry stone walls need
rebuilding periodically, which is expensive. If the fields are used for
livestock, farmers put up posts with a single strand of barbed wire along
the top, to make them stock proof. If this is done on both sides of the
wall, this produces a strip of ground up to six feet wide in which anything
can grow. So in some places the wall is still in good condition and would
be tagged as a wall;  in some places the wall has largely collapsed so the
barrier is effectively the two fences with a heap of stone between; and in
some places lots of hedgerow plants have taken root and the barrier is a
hedge (and maintained as such by the farmer to the extent of getting an
annual trim).

All three types can occur within say a 20 metres length of field boundary.
 Trying to tag metre by metre depending on appearance would be tedious and
produce (IMO) a very ugly map, and impossible to do reliably from aerial
imagery;  but any single tag seems misleading.  Any suggestions?
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