[Talk-GB] Marking landuse and field boundaries

SomeoneElse lists at mail.atownsend.org.uk
Thu Jan 3 20:00:39 GMT 2013

Gregory wrote:
> Middlesbrough has a lot more land use are surrounding it. But it's 
> been done by as large areas of farmland to quickly fill in the "blank 
> canvas", and I'm not sure it has much ground-knowledge at all.

That does highlight an issue that I find frustrating - that mapping of 
landuse / barriers etc. is a particular problem if it's done badly (e.g. 
ways that share some nodes but not others, that share nodes with things 
that they shouldn't because they were added at too low a zoom level, or 
were added based on historical low-resolution sources such as NPE).

If you're going to add individual fields, make sure that you've got some 
GPS traces to line the imagery up with, and do a rough visual survey 
from over the hedge to make sure that all the field boundaries are 
actually still there!


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