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> Does anyone know where this mystery E2 is coming from?  I'm sure there are
> lots of sources on the web, but are any of them suitably licenced for
> inclusion in OSM?  I don't believe that I have ever (on the Staffordshire
> Way or the Viking Way) seen an E2 signpost on the ground.

Although I'd heard of E-routes in the past I only really gave them some
thought when doing work on the South West Coast Path. E-Routes are a
creation of the European Rambler's
Association<http://www.era-ewv-ferp.com/?page_id=6>which represents a
huge number of walking groups in Europe. I'm not sure
these routes can be considered to be officially designated by relevant
authorities in each country. You could argue there private routes and
comparable in official status to the 'jogging routes' people put up on some

The route of E-routes within GB are managed by the Long Distance Walkers
Association [E-routes link <http://www.ldwa.org.uk/ldp/public/e_routes.php>].
They provide a basic written discription of the routes by mentioning the
designated routes that the E-route follows, but to find details of the
actual route you must join their organisation to download a file or
purchase a detailed guide of the route. There appears to be, within the UK,
no means of verifying the route, be that 'on the ground' or using an
acceptable 'import'. I'm not aware of any signs for these routes in the UK.
I dont know what the situation is in other European countries.

I suppose we can question whether the route should therefore appear, but I
don't know the answer.

Personally find it frustrating that all these walking/hiking groups are so
tied in to selling route information. I assume the OSM's approach is a real
test for their current funding model.

Jason (use:jamicu)
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