[Talk-GB] Multiple postcodes with the same location? And what is a Post Office?

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This building is Royal Mail's mail centre serving the AB postcode area (although it is semi-attached to the Parcelforce depot).  I have added in a bit of detail including the proper postcodes for the two buildings.  The postcodes you mention will, I am sure, be non geographic codes for sorting purposes (e.g. so business reply and freepost items get counted and charged for before they get delivered).  I don't think such codes should be associated to any physical location. As part of my edits I have also deleted the amenity=post_office node as there is no Post Office (as we would recognise it in the UK) at this site.  Post Office and Royal Mail are two separate entities now of course, but even if they were still one, I would draw a distinction between a post office counter which, offers a range of services, including postal, and a caller's office at a sorting or delivery office which is little more than a glorified post box, if that.  Or am I being too harsh? From: Aidan McGinley 
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been looking at the data in the ONS Postcode data and have noticed that some 
postcodes all have the same centroid location. 
As an example the post codes AB101BH, AB101DU, AB101EP and AB101GS all map 
to the building mapped by this way: http://www.openstreetmap.org/browse/way/39467039
I was going to start tagging some buildings with post codes and wasn't sure 
what to do in this situation.  Any ideas how this should be 
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