[Talk-GB] Postcode data

Aidan McGinley aidmcgin+openstreetmap at gmail.com
Sun Jan 13 15:21:30 GMT 2013

Been toying with some ideas for how to use the ONS Postcode data[1].  One
idea that I have been exploring is to check if the value for the centre of
the postcode is inside a closed way, and if so then tag that way with the
appropriate addr:postcode.  I mocked up a script to check this using the
overpass API.  Some sample output is in the attached link [2].  Essentially
the output shows the postcode and the associated way or ways that enclose
it if more than one.  I've excluded ways tagged landuse=*.  The script is
pretty inefficient at the moment, and needs to be optimised, but before I
do that I wanted to check with the wider community that this is a viable
approach, and if so the best way to do the import.

Worth noting that if the data were imported, then ways that map to multiple
postcodes would need to be excluded, as discussed previously on the mailing

[2] http://paste.ubuntu.com/1527642/
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