[Talk-GB] Rendering of disused railway stations

Bogus Zaba bogsub at bogzab.plus.com
Thu Jan 17 22:24:23 GMT 2013

Has anybody else noticed / been annoyed by the way that disused railway 
stations are rendered just like regular railway stations on the cycle 
map, transport map and MapQuest open views of OSM?

Mapnik seems to know the difference and renders the disused stations 
with a smaller symbol and grey label, but viewing the other three layers 
leads you to the conclusion that these are all regular stations.

For an example see this 
in North Liverpool where I was cycling using the cycle map recently. 
Bank Hall and Kirkdale are regular stations which are both useful 
landmarks for a cyclist and offer a potential ride home whereas Spellow 
and Walton & Anfield do not exist.

I understand that there are enthusiasts out there who are interested in 
historic maps, but the features which are important for that type of 
mapping can just get in the way of useful everyday find-your-way-around 

Anybody know where should this be reported as a rendering bug?


Bogus Zaba

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