[Talk-GB] Rendering of disused railway stations

Andrew andrewhainosm at hotmail.co.uk
Sun Jan 20 15:28:57 GMT 2013

Richard Fairhurst <richard at ...> writes:

> It's not so much a rendering bug, more a tagging 
discrepancy. The railway
> stations in question are those tagged as
>     railway=station; disused=yes
> There are those who say (and I can see their point) 
that this is a really
> dumb way of tagging things. It's effectively saying 
"This is a railway
> station; OH NO IT'S NOT". It means every single client 
using OSM data has to
> know about "disused=yes" and add an extra 
processing rule. If you're writing
> a Mapnik stylesheet, that's an extra condition on 
pretty much every single
> rule - disused pubs, disused stations, disused roads, 
and so on. OSM tagging
> doesn't, and shouldn't, usually work like that.
> So the better approach is to tag it differently.

Should we file a bug against the style sheet complaining 
that it encourages dubious tagging?


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