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Rob Nickerson rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 21:30:24 GMT 2013

I'm not sure if anyone will be able to help bring some degree of firmness
to this, but it is my belief that roads that are on the Local Authority
list of streets appear with a solid border in OS StreetView map. So for
your example:


Whereas rights of way either do not appear at all, or part appear as a grey
road with no border (for access to some building). For example in the
following link you see a road from Keepers Cottage to Grotto Lodge. I
looked this up and it is a right of way "Byway Open to All Traffic". It
runs beyond Grotto Lodge, East past Copse, before turning south round
Rabbit Warren! You can make out which way the BOAT goes by the missing
section in the woods.


== Question ==

How to indicate this by a tag so that routers are happy yet we still know
it is a "road". I would start with "operator=<Local Authority name>" to
capture that it is on the list of streets (perhaps still worth checking).
Highway unclassified vs highway track is a difficult one - I'm happy to sit
back and hear any arguments from either camp. Either way, "lane=1" is
probably a must. And ideally we need a "not really recommended" / "avoid
unless the alternatives are just as bad / far out of the way" type tag. As
far as I know we don't have one. :-(


On 23 January 2013 20:28, Kevin Peat <k at k3v.eu> wrote:

> On 23 Jan 2013 19:38, "Rob Nickerson" <rob.j.nickerson at gmail.com> wrote
> >
> > Ideas welcome (I've not seen enough examples to get an understanding of
> what these roads are actually like on the ground - photos ...
> This is one:
> http://m.google.co.uk/u/m/R9HAqI
> The ones I have surveyed are glorified farm tracks with mostly gravel or
> broken concrete surfaces, currently tagged as highway=track which seems
> appropriate given the surface.
> Kevin
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