[Talk-GB] PRoW surveying authorities (Was: Guidance for adding PRoW to OSM: prow_ref=)

Adam Hoyle adam.lists at dotankstudios.com
Thu Jan 24 14:28:59 GMT 2013

On 24 Jan 2013, at 09:09, Robert Whittaker (OSM lists) wrote:

> This way of doing the tagging is consistent with what is commonly
> already done with Public Rights of Way. The highway=* tag records the
> physical appearance of the way (footway, track, road, etc.), the
> designation=* tag gives the official status, and access tags can be
> used record the allowable users in a more standard manner. If you also
> want to record more detail about the condition / surface of the way,
> the tracktype=* and surface=* tags may also be useful (see the wiki
> for details).

Not entirely tangential question - Is there any chance that the designation tag will be rendered in the default mapnik anytime soon / ever? Or is there somewhere that already exists that renders designations? 

I've been adding them across the paths / tracks I regularly walk, but it's hard to spot where I've missed them, and I'm sure I've missed loads.

Also, slightly more tangentially - I recall a conversation a little while ago, when I was too busy to respond, around barrier=* becoming rendered at lower zoom levels - is there any movement on that, as I'd be very much in favour of it.

Thanks in advance,

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