[Talk-GB] Invisible/impassable rights-of-way

Chris Hill osm at raggedred.net
Fri Jan 25 13:15:32 GMT 2013

Report the problem to your local authority who have a legal obligation to sort it out with the landowner. My local councils do sort it out, occasionally they need a reminder, but it is worth the effort.

I only add a PRoW if I have surveyed it on the ground, so if it is impassable I would not add it until becomes passable.

Cheers, Chris
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Subject: [Talk-GB] Invisible/impassable rights-of-way 
All this discussion of rights of way reminds me: is there a consensus 
about how (and whether) to map rights-of-way which are either impassable 
or invisible?

I've encountered examples of both round here, and have so far chosen not 
to map them at all, on the grounds that we're trying to map the actual 
state of the ground, not some legal fiction.

Do people concur?


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