[Talk-GB] Using UK postcode data to generate a heat map

David Fisher djfisher81 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 30 12:44:21 GMT 2013

Hi all,

A friend has come to me with an interesting-sounding request, and I just
wondered how feasible it might be.
He has a database of UK postcodes and some measurement or other (not sure
what yet) and would like to create a heat map.
Neither of us are techies, but I've been contributing to OSM for a year now
and am familiar with JOSM and (to a lesser extent) QGIS.
How difficult a project is likely to be?  (bearing in mind I'd be doing it
in my spare time as a favour and for my personal interest)

I assume you'd first have to convert the postcodes to lat/lon?  Then I'd
need a rendering tool for the "heat" colours, and then a simple base map on
which to overlay it (just thinking out loud now).

It sounds like the sort of thing it'd be useful to have a tutorial for.  If
one exists, great!  If not, and if I'm successful, I might have a go at
writing one.

Thanks in advance,

David.  (user Pgd81)
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