[Talk-GB] City names translation

Pavlo Dudka pavlo.dudka at gmail.com
Mon Aug 4 15:15:54 UTC 2014

Hi! I would like to add ukrainian names for cities of UK, but found that
SomeoneElse_Revert removed some of name:uk-tags in changeset 20757217 with
a comment "reverting undiscussed Ukrainian "translations" including ones
for which there's nothing on the ground".
This is the list of cities I plan to modify: http://overpass-turbo.eu/s/4rF

I raised the question in irc osm-gb and was surprised since there are local
mappers that prefer to avoid adding name:**-tags. They say one should use
algorithms to get name:** automatically. (I didn't find any algorithm for
english-to-ukrainian conversion, although there is one for
ukrainian-to-latin conversion)

Actually I don't see any disadvantages on adding name:**-tags, but there
are benefits described in
The most important - any service may use name:**-values without learning
languages and implementing probably existing algorithms.

Note, I agree that adding name:uk is unnecessary and useless for streets
and other objects that were never translated to ukrainian. But large cities
are often mentioned in [tranlated to ukrainian] news, books, web articles,
Let's add this information to OpenStreetMap.
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